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Oct 30, 2011 11:00pm PDT
san jose. george watson brought us this look inside one of the spookiest places you will ever visit. >> reporter: the outside gardens in the great house itself speak wealth and meticulous care. but this victorian mass suggests something else may be a foot here. the serene stateliness that you find outside hides the inside. welcome to the winchester mystery house. the mansion began as an eight room farmhouse but sarah winchester built and built and built until the time of her death when she was 83. there were 160 rooms. the seemingly random incoherence of doors opening out into space, skylights on top of skylights. stairs that lead nowhere were actually the product of a plan. she was desperately trying to stave off death. using her inheritance from the winchester rifle company, she thought she was buying life. >> she started with an eight room farmhouse and went on from there whenever and however she wanted. that's how we ended with stairs on the walls. >> reporter: winchester was building to ease the spirits. continuous work was what was important to her not the results. she would w
Oct 2, 2011 11:00pm PDT
who -- had a very large penis. and he used the name that he had been referred to in the porn material -- >> do you recall what it was? >> yes, i do. >> the name that was referred to was long dong silver. >> reporter: hill said she thought the actions were ugly, dirty and disgusting. but after nine months at the department of education, she followed thomas when he became head of the equal employment opportunity commission. the pennsylvania senator spector questioning hill on behalf of the republicans, had a difficult task to destroy hill's credibility without seeming to harass her. she began by saying he was not against her, but throughout the day he kept asking why she followed thomas to the eeoc. >> how could you allow this type of thing to allow in the headquarters without doing something about it? >> i confess that i am very sorry that i did not do something or say something. but at the time that was my best judgment. maybe it was a poor judgment. but it wasn't a dishonest and it was not a completely unreasonable choice that i made. >> reporter: although she made that same
Oct 9, 2011 11:00pm PDT
i had to use all of my energy to stop this big bus from crashing into this ditch. >> reporter: as the minutes ticked by the extent of the damage was becoming apparent. in santa cruz stunned survivors gathered in the street. two bodies had been retrieved and there were many more injured. in downtown san francisco, broken glass rained down from high rises on to shoppers and tourists. >> i thought somebody was working on the building. >> reporter: at sixth the brick facade of a warehouse has collapsed killing five people. but nothing could match the scene in the marina district. >> as we came down the hill, you could see the smoke of the fires going on in the marina. a huge mushroom crowd from the building that was turned into a fifth alarm. general alarm. just looking at the marina from the top of the hill, i knew that we were looking at something i had never seen before. >> reporter: by the tire firefighters arrived many homes were ungulfed in flames, many others threatened as pockets of gas exploded underground. with water mains broken, water pressure was dwindling fast just as it
Oct 16, 2011 11:00pm PDT
only in the cool air. in true, firefighters never caught up. >> could you give us some room please. stand back. >> there's no hope in my opinion that our house would be saved. we prayed, and we had that sort of faith but we also have to be realistic. >> reporter: because of this nightmare, many things have changed. firefighters now evaluate weather on an hourly basis if it's hot, dry and windy extra crews go on duty. any hill fire in dangerous weather gets triple fire crew coverage. and fire fighting helicopter and airplanes are called immediately. rapid communication systems link east bay hill, fire agencies and fire officials say residents of the heavily wooded hills are at less risk today. >> i would say we're much much safer but the danger is still there. i think that if you're going to live and work in these hills, in this type of environment. you really have to be vigilant about your own surroundings. >> reporter: from the air today it looks like a new community. the once fire ravaged hills are greening again. sprouting new homes, new ideas, new attitudes. today a pg & e line
Oct 23, 2011 11:00pm PDT
assaulted by a predator. >> reporter: shawn and janet web told us about their 30-year- old son garth. >> he's in prison, they call it a hospital but it is not. it is a penal colony or a prison or a jail. >> reporter: garth web landed in napa after making threats. >> the institution fails to maintain its safety. how is he being prepared for a life in the general population? >> reporter: sean and janet web they come to the hospital every week to see their son. our requests to enter the hospital were denied. so to talk to web we had his parents call their son. the worse was when he says he was assaulted by jess massey who is accused of killing gross. >> i learned my lesson the hard way not to let your guard down and not be too trusting of the people around you. >> reporter: the dangers have exploded because of the dramatic shift in the patient population. in 1989 only 20% of the patients ended up thereafter committing crimes. now it's 88%. 16% are accused killers. >> the patients we have now are much more calculative. they target. >> the cases are reviewed by the court. the control we w
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5